Sunday, August 9, 2009

My Favorite "Health" Foods

I'm not a big fan of the words "health food" because I feel that ideally, most everything we eat should be healthy. Unfortunately, as a culture, we have become so far removed from what real food should taste like that anything that's really good for us is thought of as boring, bland, etc...

I tend to straddle the fence between eating pure, unadulterated food and pure, junky, crappy food. But one thing is for sure, when I eat a bunch of junk, my body starts craving something healthy and wholesome. It is usually at that point that I make something with one or more of these healthy ingredients.

1) Short-grain brown rice: I had tried long-grain brown rice several times before first trying the shorter variety. I never could get into the longer-grain kind because they always came out mushy and gross. When I first tried the short-grain rice at a Chinese restaurant, I instantly fell in love with its chewy texture and almost nutty taste. I will even go as far as to say I prefer it to white rice. If you haven't tried it, give it a whirl.

2) Spinach: Before I started drinking green smoothies, the only time I really ate spinach was when I made a Nigerian dish with it or ate spinach salad. Now it's appearing more and more in my consciousness. You can't go wrong with this powerful vegetable

3) Kashi Go Lean Crunch + Vanilla Silk Soy: I list these two together because this is my breakfast staple. The combo is so perfect together. Kashi's cereals are filling and healthy but I tend to have to soak the Crunch for a little while as the grains are quite hard and might be detrimental to my dental work.

4) Plain Greek Yogurt: I love the thickness and creaminess of this yogurt. It's also slightly tart so I love the fact that I can control the level of sweetness by adding a touch of honey. I usually will cut up some fresh fruits like apples, peaches, or mangoes in the yogurt with a few walnuts or almonds. YUM!

Anyway, I just wanted to share some of my favorites. What are your favorite health foods? Do share, I always needs suggestions!

Happy Eating!



  1. Hmmm??? It's been a week since you've posted. What's going on?

  2. In an effort to contribute to your last post, my favorite is my homemade smoothie that I make every morning for breakfast and sometimes throughout the day (when I'm really being good, I will only consume my smoothie and juice stuff in my juicer for the entire day). Let me share my recipe:

    2 cups of Silk Soy Milk*
    3 large Strawberries
    1 handful of blueberries
    1 banana
    1 splash of Aloe Vera Juice (Wild Rasberry flavor)
    1 splash of Apple Cider Vinegar
    1 scoop of Mega Flax Pro-Active
    1 scoop Renew Whole Food Multi-Nutrient
    1 scoop MHP Probolic-SR (Protein - Strawberry flavor)

    Mix it all together and drink to your health!

    *Note: The more milk you use, you may want to add more of the other ingredients (i.e., 3 cups of milk warrants 2 scoops of Probolic-SR). Also note that I don't always use Soy Milk. A lot of the time, I will juice a cantaloupe and use that as my base. I have also juiced grapefruit, oranges, etc. Be creative and feel free to adjust all ingredients to fit your taste.

    Feel free to Google the last 3 ingredients, for more information.